Corporate Sustainability Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

Reenam Fabrics- Fully Green AreaWe adapt such a business approach which creates long-term consumer and employee value by not only creating a “green” strategy aimed towards the natural environment, but taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment. Corporate sustainability is an evolution on more traditional phrases describing ethical corporate practice.

Our industry is fully green. It just uses clean source of power that is electricity and creates no kind of pollution which can harm the environment. It doesn’t need any use of water or chemicals which may contaminate the water effecting aquatic life nor is any kind of noise generated disturbing neither the environment nor any kind of smoke generated in the process contaminating the air.

For the well being of employees we have provided them accommodation free of charge within the WEAL Park in front of the factory. It helps them save their hard earned money for accommodation as well as for transportation means as the accommodation is walking distance from the factory. Plus RO drinking water, necessary medicines, concession in electricity bills of the accommodation ensures employee welfare and development.