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  • These are our state of the art knitting machines from Karl Mayer Germany. We have 3 high efficient newly bought machines which provide A grade production both in qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • This image shows the process of knitting, how the yarns all together create loops with the Certain movement of guide bars resulting in production of fabric
  • We have the best quality beams imported from Korea which ensures long life as well as High strength.
  • This is our warping room in which beams are winded, we have state of the art warping machine Bought from Karl Mayer.
  • Warping in the most important and the starting point of knitting process. The better the quality of warping machines the better the quality of beams are winded and better is the quality of fabric.
  • We have high confidence in our fabrics produced because the best warping available in market today is of Karl Mayer’s, the tension of yarn is all regulated in all parts of creel.
  • This image shows yarn passing through guides and making their way towards winding of beams.
  • Our fabric is ready for sale.
  • We have 4 state of the art schiffli embroidery machines of Laesser Switzerland.
  • These machines are high speed as well as precise in design making, which ensures high quality as well as high productivity.
  • We are well known for our quality products because they pass through a certain stages of finishing.
  • Another stage of finishing.
  • This is one of our Fabric store in which the fabric about to be embroideried
  • Administrative Department
  • Managing Department.